Friday, 31 January 2014

Friday - Wisdom and Prayer

As Christians we aren’t perfect people.  Darn.   But we just aren’t perfect. The Epistle of James has certainly pointed that out this week.  Yet this  is exactly the way God made us.  We are a people of choices.   It is out of our love for God that we come each day in prayer and reading Scripture.  We thirst for God.  But the minute we step outside our door or answer our telephones or talk to our children/parents,  frustrations and irritations overcome our lives.  This week has been particularly difficult with people being vindictive and  striking back in anger.      In steps the Epistle of James and his advice on wisdom.    Aha!  That is what today is all about.  We will be seeking wisdom for handing the frustrations and irritations in your life over to God.

In prayer:  Divine Healing God, using the orange-red flame of light, please move through every part of my body and mind.  Dissolve all feelings, thoughts and patterns of frustration, irritation, and aggravation.  Please sweep away all impatience, struggle, and suffering that resides in my consciousness.  Allow me to turn my frustration into inspiration and enthusiastic action.  Help to steer me in the direction where my actions will become actualized so that I can experience Your unconditional love.  Thank You Divine Healing God!

Now sit for a while imagining your whole body surrounded with God's unconditional love.

Prayer:  Divine Healing God, embrace me with your radiant gold beam of satisfaction, happiness, contentment, and delight.  Allow me to feel confident that I am moving in the perfect direction for my life.  Help me to recognize and celebrate all the wonderful things I have achieved, all the magnificent people with whom I have connected and all  the rich experiences I have lived.  As I recognize the grandness of my life, I feel truly blessed.  Thank You Healing God.          AMEN.

Today focus on all blessings you have in your life.   Friends, family,  the ability to move your hands, the gift of reading. the ability to walk through the snow.  Embrace and show your satisfaction and you will see how God's love and wisdom will grow and develop in your life!

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