Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Wednesday - good and perfect gift

Prayer:  We stand at the beginning of this New Year,  O God knowing that You stand with us on our journey.   May we  open our hearts and our minds to Your understanding.  Amen.

Read James 1: 16 - 18

Every good and perfect gift is from above,  coming down from the Father.    This phrase from James 1: 17  is one of those "gotta memorize"  portions of scripture.  Every good and perfect gift is  from God.  This is so positive!     God has given us  many good and perfect gifts.    Can you name any of the good and perfect gifts that God has given to you?   

Just after Christmas,  a parcel arrived at our house.  The parcel had my name on it but no return address.  Who had sent this parcel?    Opening the parcel revealed a box of chocolates.   Wow!  Chocolates.    And the chocolates were sent from the UK.   Hummm!  A mystery.  Then the next day another parcel arrived.  A pashmina shawl.  Again no note nor return address.  But this parcel  did have a distributors tag.  I called the company and asked where this gift had originated.  They said, "Well it looks like this gift is from Lina".    Lina!   A fellow quilter who now lives in Dubai.  What  great gifts!      Lina gave me these two gifts  because  she figured with my healing and horrible church stuff I needed extra positive energy (chocolate)  and a really big constant hug (the shawl).     

This is what James is taking about.   Good and perfect gifts from God given to us to share with others.   We have such wonderful ability to help heal others and bring love into their days of darkness.   Gifts don't have to be  material things,  these gifts  can be  a phone call,  a hug,  a pat on the head,  words of encouragement.  Over the last  six months,  Glenn (my husband)  and John (my son) have been incredible.  They have taken all the household chores  and grocery shopping upon themselves ... usually without a whimper. They have taken on many of the responsibilities that I have with other organizations.  They have  visited  my  Godmother who is in hospital.   What  a good and perfect gift for someone who is healing and recovering from surgery.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 
Today,  what will you do to bring  a good and perfect gift into someone's  life?  

Prayer: Creator and Redeemer,  we thank You that You give us good and perfect gifts.  Open our hearts and eyes to those this day that need Your love and Your care.  May we be Your arms.  Lord hear our prayer.   Lord,  for those who are suffering... may we be Your arms.    Lord,  for those who are  in need of joy... may we share our gifts.  This we ask in Jesus' name.  Amen.

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