Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Wednesday - thirsting for the Word of God

Prayer:  Great God,   I thank you for this day.  May the living heart of Jesus Christ take form within my heart…. Filling…. Calming…. Restoring… bringing renewed life.  And this new life in my blood flows peacefully with full healing power through my whole body.  I will sing for joy to the living God this day and forever.  Amen.   (Flora Slosson Wuellner  “Prayer,  Stress and Our Inner Wounds”)

Read James 3: 1-2

This is the passage that all Christian Education Committees shudder at when attempting to find new Sunday School teachers.      Will Sunday School teachers, preachers, Bible Study leaders,  Youth Group leaders,  Seminar Leaders be judged more strictly than all others on the final day of judgement?  According to James,  yes!  But why?  Because teachers and preachers are charged with teaching the Word of God correctly.  They will be judged for not adequately digging into the word of God and finding out what the Bible really means and sharing mediocracy when they could be sharing the wonderful words of the Bible that gives life and love to all.

Evelyn Underhill in  her  book entitled "Worship"  London:  Nisbet,  1951  uses beautiful imagery for digging into the Word of God each and every day.   Underhill states that the Bible  is the holy food.... the message of salvation....    witnesses to the continuity of God's action.     Just as we eat our food to nourish our bodies,  how much more must we nourish our souls  with the Holy Mystery of  the Word of God.    If  we  do not nourish our souls  through the reading of Scripture,  we starve the Word of God in ourselves and  for those we teach/preach.

Prayer:  May the light and love of the Holy Spirit flow into my actions and relationships with others this day.  In Jesus Name I pray.  Amen.

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