Monday, 20 January 2014

Monday - Faith in Action

Prayer:  Hear O LORD as we call upon You this day for wisdom and understanding.   Amen.

            Read James 2: 14-18

Faith in Action.   Here James asks the community of believers to take their faith and put it into action.  Faith and action go hand in hand.   When we help others,  we aren’t earning brownie points in heaven.  It is out of our love for God that we help others.

The Governor General of Canada  has a new program called "my giving moment".   This is a program to help connect Canadians to  art and culture groups  and the environment.  Interesting thing is this program is focused on people giving money.    While this is a type of action and giving money is great,  it is only a small part of  the faith in action that James was talking about.  Faith in Action means taking your whole self and getting involved through time and talent.    Faith in Action can be volunteering with community groups.  But  what happens as we age or  are infirmed?  Getting out to volunteer with community groups is tough.  This is when  Faith in Action becomes strong as we  sit (or stand or lie down)  and pray.    Prayer is  the heart of Faith in Action.   We pray for individuals,  groups,  communities,  Churches,  countries,  leaders  who need God's  love and help.   Faith in action.
Prayer:  Help us this day, O LORD,  as we take our faith and put it into action.  In Jesus’ Name.  Amen.

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