Saturday, 11 January 2014

Saturday - Cleaning Up - Quilting Style

Prairie Winds  Quilt.  Top is the bouncing triangles.   This quilt is two years in the making.   

 With my lack of "smarts"  this past week,  I ended up  creating two different borders for the head and foot.   I rather like the foot border (seen here).   But after all this time,  I wasn't going to go back and change the borders.   In fact,  if I ever create this quilt again,  I would  have the  triangle border go the full width of the quilt.

  Liz's  Wedding Star Quilt.  This is a Judy Niemeyer quilt pattern  "Wedding Star Quilt".     This quilt top is  eleven years in the making.  When  I was making this quilt,  I joked to my sister that it would be completed in 2007.  Oopsie.  Off by a few years.    And yet it still is not completed as this is just the quilt top.    I have to wait until I have a bit more healing before sandwiching these quilts.    It is difficult to see the wedding rings  but they are there.  Interesting the difference in lighting from inside to outside.    Snow on a dull day.

 This quilt is composed of Peaceful Hour blocks and a Feathered Star.  Hand  sewn  seven years ago when my son was away at Cadet Summer Training.   It is a very bright quilt!  (Sunglasses not IQ).  And a bit of prairie wind  in the bottom right hand corner.  

Carpenter's  Wheel  with Christmas Cardinal  fabrics.    This quilt must be  twelve years in the making.    Time to get 'er done!

 The Centre Carpenter's Wheel is very easy.  I have no idea why I didn't  get this quilt top completed sooner.  But there we are :)

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