Saturday, 25 January 2014

Saturday - Preparation

Too often,  we get to Saturday and we are drained.  We’ve worked hard all week.  We’ve  driven miles.  We’ve shopped at the grocery store how many times this week.  There is cleaning to be done and laundry to iron.   Saturday comes and we want time away.  Yet Saturday is the day we need to be preparing for worship on Sunday.    This exercise is a visual exercise which helps lift the burdens off of us so that we can live this day in joy and praise.

Focus your attention on your shoulders.  How do they feel?  Are they tight or relaxed?  Become aware of all the responsibility you carry in your shoulders.  Close your eyes, breathe deeply and imagine releasing all your worries as if they were big rocks that you could throw away.

Prayer:   Divine God of all Healing,  please release all strain, stress, worry, insecurity, overwhelm, hurt, rejection, and sadness from my shoulders.  Let me forgive and release to You  all the burdens that I have carried this week. 

Take a deep  breath in and tighten your shoulders by pulling them up to your ears.  Hold your breath for five seconds.  Then exhale slowly and completely relax your shoulders.   Do this several times until they feel lighter.  Then rotate your right shoulder in a circular motion to the front for 15 seconds.  (like a windmill).  Then rest for 15 seconds.  Repeat this three times.  Now do the same rotation towards the back.  Repeat this process for the left shoulder.

Prayer:  Divine God of all Healing,  please install courage, balance, confidence and joy into my life.  Assist me to find blessings and opportunities even in the most challenging experiences. 

Allow yourself to completely relax for a few minutes.  Imagine that you are standing in warm, yellow sunlight.  Allow the yellow rays to penetrate deep into your shoulders to soften the muscles and dissolve all tension.

Prayer:    Divine God of all Healing,  please heal and regenerate my shoulders to their full strength, vitality, and mobility so that I can serve You all the days of my life in joy and praise.   Show me this day  O LORD,  Your blessings and opportunities to serve You.    In Jesus name I ask this.  Amen.

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