Friday, 24 January 2014

Friday - Words

Prayer:  Great God,  inspire us always to focus upon Your Holy Word.   Instill within us a thirst for Your Word so that we can live this day in Your joy and Your praise.   In Jesus' name we pray.  Amen.

Read James 3: 6- 10

Isn't it amusing how talking with family and friends brings us  happiness and sometimes pain and sadness.   It is all about words and how we use these words as well as how we listen to the words other's  say to us.    

My husband is currently a Tutor for a student at Vancouver School of Theology.  They meet by Skype (marvelous Skype!)  and go over assignments and reflections.  What amazes me is the difference in theological study these days.   The first assignment that this student has asks what is the historiography of an early Church Father.   Back in our day,  we wouldn't be researching the history of the early Church Father first but the  theology of that early Church Father/Christian.  Theology was first and history was secondary. 

Why is it important to know  about theology -- the study of God?   The simple answer is  by studying God,  we begin to really understand what we believe.  If  students only focus upon the history of the early Christians,  they miss out on understanding of what the early Christians believed and why they believed what they believed.  

The Word of God is so important to our basic Christian beliefs.  Yet it isn't only in the reading but in the digging into the scriptures and discussing these scriptures that we begin to get a glimpse of the Love of God.  Theology.     Do you know what you believe?

Prayer:  This day,  O LORD,  may we take Your Holy Word and inwardly digest it all the day long so that when evening comes  we can rest in Your great Love.   Amen.

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